T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m 

If you have a renovation underway, please ensure your contractor  CONTACTS THE BUILDING OPERATOR at the beginning of the project to coordinate movement of new materials in the elevator and removal of demo'd materials.


The 2 Elevators in the Marquis are primarily for the use of residents and guests entering or leaving the building and gaining access to their respective floor.

On occasion, the elevators are also used for:

  • MOVES  (the owner or lessee has arranged for the exclusive use of the elevator for the purpose of moving in or moving out furniture and belongings.​ (This procedure and process is covered in FORMS)


  • REMOVING/BRINGING IN CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS DURING A RENOVATION. This activity usually involves the use of the elevator(s).

Failure to provide notice and/or arrange coordination as applicable may result in fines to the owner.

All household moves (in or out) must be scheduled with Parterre

Property Management.  See link: 

construction materials