T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m 


1) VISITORS ONLY: The Visitor Parking Stalls are for the use of bona fide visitors to the Marquis only.  This does not include visitors using the parking stalls and going to work, shopping, etc.
2) NO RESIDENT PARKING IN THIS AREA: Residents of the Marquis are NOT ELIGIBLE to use the Visitor Parking stalls at any time.
3) OBSERVE MARKED STALLS: Vehicles in Visitor Parking must be parked within the lines of a single stall and not impede traffic flow.
4) BREACH WILL INCUR FINES: Hosts who allow their visitor to breach the policy may be assessed a fee of $100 for each breach and lose Visitor Parking privileges until such fee is paid.
5) In the event the Host is a non-owner resident (tenant), The Marquis suite owner will be held responsible for any damages and/or fees assessed
6) HARDSHIP MAY APPLY FOR EXEMPTION: If your circumstances are such that you would suffer hardship by following this policy, please apply to the Board of the Marquis requesting an exemption, stating the extenuating circumstances.Type your paragraph here.


5)  Overnight visitors must display on the dash of the parked vehicle.
    - The Unit number they are visiting
    - Their name
    - A phone number where they can be contacted during their visit.
    - The date of departure if longer than 3 consecutive nights.
This information must be legible and easily seen from outside of the vehicle.

6)  Stays longer than 25 nights in a two month period must be approved by  The Marquis Board of Directors.
    - Requests must be made in writing prior to the 21st night and include the supporting rationale as to why the request should be approved.
    - Requests are to be submitted to Parterre Property Services Inc. for processing. 

Enforcement of Policy

1. Where the policy is breached, the owner is liable for a fee of $100.00.  Breaches include but are not limited to overnight guests not displaying requested information, using more than one visitor parking stall and an owner using a visitor parking stall.

2. Any owner/resident with outstanding fees or charges will have their Visitor Parking Stall privileges suspended until all are paid.  If an owner allows a visitor to use a visitor parking stall whilst under suspension, further fees of $100 per day may be assessed.

3. Failure to pay Visitor Parking Stall fees, damages, etc. will result in a lien being placed on the Owner's Title to the Condominium Unit.

                                                                   The Marquis Condominium Board

Rules to Implement the Key Principles

1) Workmen, cleaners, etc. conducing business in The Marquis may only use the Visitor Parking Stalls during the day (not overnight) and only while on the property.

2) The Visitor Parking Stalls may be used only while visiting a resident of The Marquis.  This rule includes non-resident unit owners of the Marquis

3) In the event a Visitor causes damage to common property (eg. garage door) it is the responsibility of the Host to cover the cost of repair/replacement.

4)  In the event the Host is a non-owner resident (tenant), The Marquis suite owner will be held responsible for any damages and/or fees assessed.