T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m 

recycling - what goes where

NEED IDEAS?:  A number of low cost recycling bins in various forms are avaiilable at Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Ikea and other stores like these.

                               The City of Calgary has made recycling MANDATORY. This requirement is directed at both                                                             environmental issues and reducing the cost of landfill. PLEASE GET AN INFORMATION BROCHURE                                           FROM THE BUILDING OPERATOR and follow the guidelines. Please note that miss-directing either recycled items or trash can result in fines to the Marquis. Items that are miss-sorted and deposited incorrectly create a state called contamination.  ie. the load is contaminated with improperly classified items.  A contaminated load results in a fine to the Marquis and the entire bin going to landfill.

THE MARQUIS RECYCLING CENTRE IS ON P1.  Use your Key Fob for access.

NOTE: in the link on the right (Recyclable Items) you will see a detailed listing of all

acceptable items.  Blue Cart means RECYCLE.  Black Cart means Trash Compactor. 

ORGANICS are sorted separately and may be deposited unbagged or in 'certified

compostable bags' available at local retailers.

Waste must be sorted as follows:

  • A. Refundable bottles and containers (bins are provided along with signs indicating acceptable items)

  • B. Non-recyclable items (anything that does not meet recyclable criteria)

  • C. Recyclables: Paper, cardboard, glass, specific plastic and other items.

  • D.  Organics - Vegetable and food scraps, plant waste, napkins, certified
    ​ compostable products and other items

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