T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m 

Replacing toilets with low flush Water Sense certified toilets is our biggest opportunity to reduce water consumption at the Marquis.

Toilet Replacement Program

How highrise condominiums consume water

YES, I want to join other owners at the Marquis who have already replaced their old toilets with Water Sense models.

I want to do my part for the environment and help control rising Marquis operating costs (condo fees).                                                                                         

TODAY/TOMORROW: we can look forward to high annual increases to our City of Calgary water rates .

1. Water conservation is now a reality.  The days of unlimited, low cost water are gone. YOU'VE SEEN THE ADS ON TV and in NEWSPAPERS encouraging wise use of water. 

2. The City of Calgary water distribution infrastructure is reaching its capacity and new infrastructure (water and waste treatment) is now in the planning stage. To help pay for infrastructure and further encourage conservation, the City is raising water/sewer rates significantly each year. We can expect the cost of water/sewer to rise at about 8% per year. 

Water Conservation

City of Calgary usage data and TARGET usage

Water usage now accounts for 15% of the Marquis' Expense Budget. Water costs have doubled since 2010.  

                   2010 = $74,585.

                   2016 = $ 141,100.

​WHY SO MUCH? Some of the increase is due to large rises in cost per m3, however a significant portion is due to water waste. As you can see on the chart, toilet flushing is our biggest water consumer.  And a major portion of leakage/seepage is connected to toilets.