4. BYLAW ENFORCEMENT A condominium bylaw or rule requires enforcement.

The Board would like to understand owner concerns and opportunities.  To better help you access the Board, a direct email has been established.  

A decision chart is provided to help you understand which issues/concerns should be directed to:

             Property Management [Parterre Property Management]  or

                Marquis Board of Directors

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6. UNFULFILLED COMMITMENT Actions promised by the Property Management Company have not been fulfilled

12. UNSATISFIED WITH PTY MGMT I have a concern with the Property Management Company.

14. RENTAL I want to provide Notice of Intent to Rent

1. ADMINISTRATIVE, financial and other issues and communication  about my condominium unit.


5. ​​COMMON PROPERTY MISUSE I want to report a problem I have observed in the common property area including the outdoor space.

​​3. FINANCIAL I want to know about money owed

11. SOCIAL ROOM I want to book the social room


2. PROBLEM IN MY UNIT I need to report a problem in my condominium unit 


16. ACCOLADE I want to show appreciation and give support to the Property Management Company and/or the Board

15. IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION I have an improvement suggestion 

7. UNRESOLVED ISSUE My issue remains unresolved after follow up with the Property Management Company (see #6)

8. ​SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY I have observed the presence of suspicious individuals/activity on the property..

13. RENOVATIONS I have a request for approval of renovations


9. ELEVATOR BOOKING I want to book the elevator

Contact Marquis Board of Directors

10. PET REQUEST I have a request about a pet

T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m