Access to the building and to each floor in the building is controlled by your personal Key Access Card/FOB.  Your card/fob allows access to exterior building doors, the floor on which your individual unit is located plus P1 and P2 parkade levels. The Key Access Card also operates entry into the elevator lobby from the P1 and P2 levels as well as access to storage areas located on those levels. 

All dog owners must contact the Property Management Company to provide pet details and obtain permission to keep their dog on the property.    Dogs over 20 pounds are not permitted in the building. Dogs must be carried from your suite and off the Marquis property for their toilet duties. Please complete Pet Agreement Form. 

Do you have a copy of theBylaws?If the owner did not provide one for you - click on the link to print a copy. 


If the owner did not provide a copy of the Welcome Packet  and the Visitor Parking  Policy, click on the links to read or print a copy for yourself.

Guest Parking  

Use of Building Amenities 

As a tenant, your relationship is with the owner/lessor:

Parking for visitors is provided on the P1 parking level  - immediately to the right (north) side of the overhead garage door.  Once you have given your visitor access via the call box (see Welcome Package ) and your hardwired telephone connection, the visitor may park in any available stall. Please also familiarize yourself with the Guest Parking Policy.  Breaches are subject to fines

Failure to follow the Visitor Parking guidelines may result in your car (if improperly parked) or a guest vehicle being towed and fines levied on the owner.   

Any issues within your suite must be communicated to the owner/lessor.  If needed, the owner/lessor will communicate with the Property Management Company. Should an emergency occur such as a water leak - either in your unit or an adjacent unit, call the Building Operator Immediately.

Garbage & Recyclables  

Bylaw infractions and Rule infractions can result in fines to the owner.   

The Marquis on-site Building Operator is available during weekday office hours from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.  The Building Operator's office is located in the 6th Ave. entry way.  See MANAGEMENT 

On-site Building Operator 


The City of Calgary has made recycling MANDATORY. This requirement is directed at both environmental issues and reducing the cost of landfill. PLEASE GET AN INFORMATION BROCHURE FROM THE BUILDING OPERATOR and follow the guidelines. Please note that contamination of either recycled bins or depositing recyclable items in the trash compactor can result in fines to the Marquis. SEE ALSO: RECYCLING (link below)

Building & Suite Security  

T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m 

As a lessee/renter you enjoy the same privileges as the owner.  You are also subject to the same bylaws, rules and regulations as an owner.  The following is intended to help you further understand and clarify what that means.  

Welcome to the Marquis.      

Marquis amenities include: Social Room (main level), Exercise area and equipment, Hot Tub, Outdoor seating area (north side). 

Exercise area: available to *RESIDENTS ONLY. No access before 5:00 AM or after Midnight.

Hot Tub: Hours are: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Social Room: available for *RESIDENTS ONLY  (reservation/deposit required)                                                                                                    See FORMS.