T h e     M a r q u i s    C o n d o m i n I u m 

As a highrise building, the Marquis may look and feel exactly like a normal apartment building.  While there are similarities to apartment living - there are also differences.

  • As a condominium owner, you don't pay rent, but you are responsible for your monthly condominium fee, property taxes and utilities.

  • All operational services within the Marquis are performed either by, or under the direction of the Property Management Company.  The Property Management Company is your first point of contact for reporting issues and for other concerns you may have.  See: Management 

  • At the Marquis we are fortunate to have a resident building operator.  He provides technical, mechanical and general maintenance functions for the boilers, heating systems, water delivery system and in general, oversees other operations in the building such as elevators, door security and so on.  The Building Operator works under the direction of the Property Management Company and calls on technical experts to perform various functions as needed.  The Building Operator does not perform 'concierge' functions nor does he perform any maintenance inside any owner's suite. However, in an emergency such as a flood caused by a plumbing or heating break the Building Operator should be called immediately to assist in minimizing any damage and ensuring that the proper experts are called.  All repair and maintenance inside your condominium unit is your responsibility. Refer to Bylaws for details.


  • A condominium is a community within a community.  Your Marquis neighbours are close by and can be affected by excessive noise or other disturbance.  Let reason be your guide and expect others to do the same.

  • ​While you are obviously free to decorate and keep your individual condominium unit according to your own personal needs and taste, the exterior look of the entire building is considered 'common' for all owners. This includes window coverings. Importantly, any outside space connected to your unit is also common property - to which you have exclusive access. The Bylaws govern the nature of items that may be kept on your balcony or patio.  If in doubt about an item you would like to keep on your balcony or patio , always contact The Property Management Company for clarification. Refer to Bylaws for details.

  •                                                  While the Marquis Condominium Bylaws govern the specifics of the Marquis building​ - the Alberta Condominium Property Act provides further legal governance and​ compliance direction.


how to get the most from condominium living

Condominium living can provide a wonderful, worry free life style - allowing owners to travel, pursue new interests and in general take most of the 'work' out of being a home owner.  

If this is what you've been seeking - Congratulations, you've arrived.